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Here you can find the Nortel Cards you need to buy at a low price. Save on Nortel Cards. Nortel Meridian Cards ie, NT8D02, NT8D09, NT8D14, NT8D01, NT8D04, NT8D16, NT8D17, NT8D15 etc. We have a huge inventory of refurbished nortel cards. Need a card not listed? Just call us 615-781-2443

• Total Products: 11

Nortel Meridian NT8D01BC Controller Four CardNortel Meridian NT8D01BC Controller Four Card   $300.00  More Information
Nortel Meridian NT8D04BA Superloop Network CardNortel Meridian NT8D04BA Superloop Network Card   $250.00  More Information
Nortel Meridian NT8D22AC System Monitor CardNortel Meridian NT8D22AC System Monitor Card   $225.00  More Information
Nortel NT8D02EA Digital Line CardNortel NT8D02EA Digital Line Card   $250.00  More Information
Nortel NT8D02EB Digital Line CardNortel NT8D02EB Digital Line Card   $275.00  More Information
Nortel NT8D02GA Digital Line Card (DLC)Nortel NT8D02GA Digital Line Card (DLC)   $325.00 $200.00  More Information
Nortel NT8D02HA 16 Port Digital Line CardNortel NT8D02HA 16 Port Digital Line Card   $395.00  More Information
Nortel NT8D09BA Analog Message Waiting Line CardNortel NT8D09BA Analog Message Waiting Line Card   $475.00  More Information
Nortel NT8D09CA Analog Message Waiting Line CardNortel NT8D09CA Analog Message Waiting Line Card   $675.00  More Information
Nortel NT8D14BB Universal Trunk CardNortel NT8D14BB Universal Trunk Card   $250.00  More Information
Nortel NT8D16AB Digitone Receiver CardNortel NT8D16AB Digitone Receiver Card   $300.00  More Information

11 product(s) in Nortel Cards on 1 page(s).

Nortel Cards
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