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Viewing Product » NTBB24GA Norstar Service Cartridge NTBB24GA

NTBB24GA Norstar Service Cartridge Item Code: NTBB24GA

Price: $200.00

Availability: In Stock


A0404139 NTBB24GA Norstar Service Cartridge
This service cartridge uses slot "B" in the core Modular ICS unit. It provides the clocking service that is required for digital networks. It is required if you are using DTI cartridges or ISDN-BRI Interface cartridges.

The Services Cartridge supports all clocking that is needed on the Norstar system, regardless of the quantity or mixture of DTIs or ISDN-BRI cartridges.

This cartridge cannot be used if a Copper Expansion Upgrade Cartridge is installed.

This unit is compatible only with the Modular ICS core unit.

NTBB24GA Norstar Service Cartridge

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» NTBB24GA Norstar Service Cartridge NTBB24GA

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